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Happy Valentines Day…?

by on Feb.14, 2012, under General News


As many will know February 14th is also known as Valentines’ Day.

It originated as a Christian holiday and developed a “romantic” twist in the middle ages.

It has also grown in popularity in China with flower shops doing fantastic business.

None the less, like Thanksgiving, it is somewhat misunderstood in China.

Many Chinese will send out emails and instant messages to all of their contacts wishing a happy Valentines’ Day, which feels a little weird for many westerners.

Sometimes it is an eagerness to make westerners feel welcome, in some cases it is a way for Chinese to demonstrate knowledge of western holidays to their clients and colleagues.

Just to clarify for all our Chinese readers…..

Valentines’ Day is more of a romantic holiday than a business holiday, just as Thanksgiving is an American holiday rather than for all of the west. See our Thanksgiving Blog.

For Valentines’ Day, normally people give a gift or card to someone that they are or would like to become romantically involved with!

Timid people may send a “secret Valentine” to someone they like but are too shy to approach.

In conversation you may ask closer friends and colleagues if they have any special plans for Valentines’ Day.

It is less common to “Wish Happy Valentines’ Day” to everyone you know.

Though like with Thanksgiving it is unlikely that you will offend anyone by wishing “everyone” happy Valentines’ Day, though that may find it peculiar or amusing.

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