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ISO9000 and QPI

by on May.23, 2010, under China QC Inspection Blog

ISO9000 is a family of standards for Quality Management systems maintained by the International Organisation for Standardization, and administered by accredited certification bodies.

Key elements include:

– procedures covering key process within the business.

– monitoring process to ensure effectiveness

– record keeping

– controlling output and applying corrective action plan where defects are found

– reviewing quality systems and prcesses for effectiveness

– facilitating continued improvement.

The standard does NOT guarantee quality of end products and services, it simply ensures a formal business approach is being applied.

An ISO9000 certified organisation is normally better placed to work effectively with a structured Quality Assurance – Quality Control system that a customer may wish applied to their production.

Quality Products International – QPI can assist clients by auditing a factory to confirm that they are in fact ISO9000 certified and that the systems they have put in place are robust and well respected within the company.

QPI can further conduct Social Audits to standards such as SA8000, to ensure the company appears to be acting in an ethical manner, particularly with its employees. IE> Confirming it is not a “sweat shop”, using forced labour, indentured workers or child labor.

QPI can further follow up with a range of production inspection services including IQC, DUPRO, FRI / PSI and container loading inspections.





精品国际有限公司 – QPI 提供供应商工厂审计服务,确保该厂通过ISO9000标准认证且一直遵循该标准要求。

精品国际有限公司 – QPI 提供社会责任审计服务,确保该供应商工厂并无雇佣童工或非法强迫劳动力,如SA8000审计服务。

精品国际有限公司- QPI 同时提供产品检测服务,IQC, DUPRO, FRI / PSI 和装柜前检验服务。

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