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QPI SZ office relocated for the day

by on May.26, 2010, under China

Many people have heard about the growth in China.

Living here, we at Quality Products International come across seemingly astronomical numbers on a day to day basis.

Shenzhen, where QPI has its main operational office, was a literally a small fishing village of about 5,000 people only a few decades ago.

It is currently about 10 – 12 million and within the decade it is expected to reach 50million!

Staggering for me coming from Australia, a country about the same size as China, populated with just over 20million!

Today we are enjoying one of the very real impacts of that growth.

The notice in the foyer of our building was posted yesterday. In effect, it says:

There are some significant events planned in SZ these days. To ensure there are no power shortages, power to offices in this building will be cut from 9am to 5:30pm.

They are nice enough to keep power running to the elevators, so the building can function easily, and many offices are still operating by the light coming through the windows.

For QPI, our dependence on the internet, and the all important router that connects us to those parts of the web accessible in China, becomes more obvious when the power to the router……….stops.

Just a few short years ago, many of the factories QPI would visit, depended heavily on self generated power. It was about 30% more expensive than grid power, however the power shortages were most prevalent during peak production time. Factories had to use self generated power to keep production flowing. The towns worked on a ration system, which varied from area to area. The lucky areas would only have one day a week without power, some had up three days a week without power.

The reason was simple, but again a stark reminder about he growth in China over recent years.

The demand for power through increased production in factories, expanding urbanization and the higher demand from a burgeoning middle class was growing. The growth was  faster than anticipated and they were running out trains to transport coal to power stations.

QPI‘s SZ office is  located very much in the down town area. Through the worst of the earlier power shortages, QPI‘s offices remained unaffected. This district boasts some of the most prestigious buildings and shopping centers within a few blocks, including the stock exchange and the landmark “Di Wang”, Shenzhen’s tallest building.

While our office is modest, it is today vacant. Earlier in QPI’s history, before we had a permanent QPI SZ base, we would work from café’s between meetings….or often during meetings. 🙂

So today is a little like a time warp.

The SZ office component of “Team QPI” are across the road in Starbucks in the large and very modern King Glory Plaza, home to Hugo Boss, Porsche Design, BMW Shop, and many other prestigious western brands.

Fortunately in King Glory Plaza the lights and internet are functioning today. Two days ago it was their turn to operate without power!

Little wonder of the 300 nuclear reactors currently proposed around the world, 120 will be built here in China.

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