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Sobering article about OEM production in China

by on Jun.09, 2010, under China Manufacturing Blog

More and more companies are sourcing directly from China and Asia. Either finding things online, or actually going to visit factories or trade fairs.

The more experienced buyers understand the need to have correct specifications in place, and the follow  up needed for product testing, production inspection and pre-shipment inspections.

All these services can be provided by companies such as Quality Products International Limited (QPI Ltd – QPI).

It simply cannot be left to chance!

Some excepts from a sobering article reminding buyers of the need for a thorough vigilant pro-active approach to buying, beyond a simple question of price!

China Law Blog Excerpt

One of the things we are always telling our clients who source product to China is to be specific. Always. I talk about how China has levels of quality five levels below anything you would even think possible and for Chinese manufacturers, those levels are normal.

If you are a Western manufacturer outsourcing to China and you get bad product, the first thing the Chinese manufacturer usually suggests is that the product is good enough. When that does not work, the Chinese manufacturer usually then suggests you simply sell it for less. When that also does not work, the next suggestion is usually for you to sell it somewhere other than in the United States.

The best way to avoid these sorts of problems is to always be clear on your quality standards and on the penalties the Chinese manufacturer may face for not meeting them.

Full Article & Useful links: China Law Blog

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