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Tips for business travel ~ staying connected

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Asia Business

There was a recent article in the NY Times about staying connected cheaply while travelling.

An excerpt:

I’ve put a lot of effort into figuring out tricks for being reachable by phone and e-mail without spending a fortune. Trust me, it’s easy to run up a thousand-dollar bill on your cellphone in a single trip if you don’t know the ins and outs. And not being in touch at all can be even more costly.

He also invites readers to comment.

Some of my own comments were:

Quality Products International Limited (QPI Ltd) has offices in a number of countries, and I spend a lot of time in China & other parts of Asia.
Worth noting in some countries, particularly those that have “information controls” SMS messages may take a few hours, or even up to a day to get through…and is typically worse from foreign to local mobiles.
Consider sending second message if you do not get a prompt reply, sometimes they will get the 2nd message before the 1st!
…on a similar vein, many websites, including / especially Facebook, will NOT open.
There are some good VPN options, the free ones work sporadically, the paid ones are more stable / consistent. They are also very useful for secure sites, such a some banks that identify your IP address as being a perceived threat and limit your entry or full use.
I have permanent mobile numbers for all the countries I work and travel in a lot, none the less, I use skype as much as possible, both for VOIP, Skype Out and SMS.
While the Skype SMS works well in many countries, and recipients can reply to the pre-registered mobile, users should note that will NOT work in China as another random trunking number is used, so replies will go astray.
Skype out & / or multi party VOIP can often be improved significantly simply by closing ALL tabs / screens in ALL web browsers.
Needless to say, one alternative to travelling here in Asia and China, yourself, is to engage professional sourcing companies such as QPI Ltd. We have local and expat staff here on the ground, who know the ropes.

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