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QPILtd requirement for SMM etc

by on Mar.29, 2017, under General News

QPILtd is actively seeking high quality:

  • B2B Social Media Marketing Services (including B2B PPC / CPC / CPM )
  • B2B Email Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Related services

Partner vendors can be Freelance or Company, however please read the below and downloadable information carefully, and reply concisely addressing the points raised.

We will go through a short selection process, and allocate small tasks to potential vendors with a view to rolling out more extensive tasks into a long term partnership.

Key for any prospective vendor are requisite skills INCLUDING being able to self manage the details of relevant project from an initial brief. Vendors who clearly disregard or are unable to follow simple instructions / requests will not be engaged.


QPI offers our clients outstanding service at competitive rates.

Much of that is built on extensive expertise in our areas of Procurement and Quality Control in China and across Asia.

Also on low overheads, partnering with outstanding vendors who can also supply excellent value for money, with high quality product at competitive rates.

We have been fortunate to be able to rely on a sound customer base for many years and are currently expanding.


B2B SMM / EM Campaign & Web Development

QPI is currently looking for outstanding SMM – IT and related vendors for immediate paid trial and imminent commencement on an initial B2B campaign, with scope for ongoing work over the coming years.


B2B Targeting SME -> Major Corporations

QPI already supplies a number of major multinational corporations, and that will be the focus of this campaign.

We do have some smaller prospects and many SME prospects, however the campaign all B2B and mainly aimed at large corporate prospects.


QPILtd has an ongoing need for:

Web Development

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Email Marketing

B2B PPC / CPC / CPM and other paid marketing

Copy Writing


If you are an IT / SMM / Web developer or related vendor and would like to work with QPI, either as a freelancer, or offering the services of your company, please refer to these documents.


Prospective vendors should have a good level of professional / business English and demonstrate the ability to read briefs / instructions / correspondence, ask relevant / topical questions or make relevant / topical suggestions and then follow through with precise action / task execution.


Note to prospective IT / Web Development / SMM  & related vendors:

We are really keen to partner with some outstanding vendors and would love to hear from you.

HOWEVER we are getting inundated with offers from vendors and we are especially finding that many vendors are simply focusing on their “best guess” and offering us proposals that completely disregarding our needs – planning and requested information.

OBVIOUSLY we are not going invest much time in trying to “re-train” vendors to respect our requests and concisely address specific questions asked, etc.

Similarly we are unlikely to partner with vendors who cannot follow very simple instructions and request, during a selection phase. The risk of them ignoring instructions and specification later is too great.

Please click to download the documents review / complete and return with any comments.

If you have specific questions that directly relate to material in these documents, pls email us.

If you would like copy of the outline / summary and status of our current 2017 marketing plan, pls email us with a request for the latest update of the QPILtd Marketing Plan – 2017.

QPI, QPILtd, Quality Products International

Keep any replies, brief / conscious, focused / relevant and to the point


QPI, QPILtd, Quality Products International Limited, Quality Products International

B2B Web Dev, SMM etc for QPI Excel Template – complete skill set

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QPILtd Beverage Industry POS

by on Mar.22, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

Easier access to a wide variety of POS and Promotional Material from QPILtd Beverage Industry POS

QPILtd provides a wide range of quality assured products at competitive factory direct pricing.

Simply emailing a quote request to QPILtd will bring decades of experience in China based production to bear on your project.

We will provide a firm detailed quote including specification, price and lead time.

QPILtd has experience producing many and varied products from Floaties Swim Products for children through to industrial test equipment.

QPI Beverage Industry POS, is a division of QPILtd focused solely on producing a wide range of excellent Point of Sale, Promotional, Product Support, Sales Support and Serving Products specifically for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

Our aim is to make your product look fantastic at a competitive price.

Email QPI Beverage Industry POS for a quote request, via Contact QPI

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Hydrokids swim Ring

by on Mar.05, 2017, under General News

The hydrokids swim ring is designed to give all round buoyancy and help maintain a child in the upright position while in the pool.

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Hydrokids Swim and float Swim-Floral Pattern

by on Mar.05, 2017, under General News

Hydrokids Swim and Float Suit – floral pattern – scrunched

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Beautiful Hydrokids Googles

by on Mar.04, 2017, under General News

These googles are shaped for comfort and to fit small faces. They are designed  to help create water confidence when having fun in the pool.

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Hydrokids Baby Swim Seat

by on Mar.04, 2017, under Asia Business

Father standing in pool next to child in Hydrokids Swim Seat

Father standing in pool next to child in Hydrokids Swim Seat

The baby swim seat is really comfortable and a lot of fun for your baby.

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Hydrokids Contoured Armbands

by on Mar.04, 2017, under General News

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Hydrokids Swim and Float Suit

by on Mar.04, 2017, under General News

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Hydrokids Jackets

by on Mar.04, 2017, under General News

Boy walking in pool with Hydrokids Swim Trainer Jacket (Floaties branded)

Boy walking in pool with Hydrokids Swim Trainer Jacket (Floaties branded)

The swim jackets are shaped for comfort and ease of movement.
They encourage a horizontal swimming position.They have removal float blocks to adjust buoyancy levels as the child gains confidence and swimming ability.

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Hydrokids Active jumping castle

by on Mar.01, 2017, under Asia Business

This beautiful hydrokids active castle adds fun and makes life more meaningful and beautiful for your beautiful kids.

Using the active castle can help relieve you of their careless play and make you concentrate with other jobs you have to do.


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