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Australian Bird too fat to fly!

by on Jun.08, 2010, under General News


Just a quick story from my home town of Sydney. Nothing at all to do with QPI Ltd.

One of our most famous birds is the Kookaburra. Well know for the laughing  sound it makes.

They normally hunt small animals, but like all in Australia the love a good BBQ!

Many public parks in Australia have BBQ’s set up, where families enjoy a day out. While feeding wild animals is discouraged these birds are skilled hunters and sausage on a table is no match for something used to catching small animals running through grass!

This bird ate so many sausages from BBQ’s it became too fat even to fly!

Some locals noticed it could only walk, and took it the local zoo. The zoo, now has it is on a special diet, and exercise program.

Size may matter when you’re a kookaburra bird from Australia. In this case the neighborhood fowl took advantage of Sydney residents barbecue hospitality, ate too many and now can’t fly. Weighing in at 565 grams or a hefty 1.2 pounds, this female can’t take to the air now.

“Out in the wild she’d eat a whole small animal such as a mouse or skink, but butcher’s sausages are just too much of a good thing,” said Gemma Watkinson, Sydney’s Taronga Zoo wildlife hospital nurse.

The neighbors discovered the resultant effects of the barbecues when one spotting dogs chasing the bird around a yard on the ground. The neighbor immediately took the bird to the zoo for a little boot camp activity.

“The kookaburra’s been down at the rehabilitation aviary for a couple of weeks on a special ‘lite n’easy’ diet designed by our bird keeper,” said Watkinson.

The bird now must follow a rigorous exercise regime up to three times a day with a personal trainer. Although she is winning her battle of the bulge, a little more weight needs to be shed before being ready to be returned to her native habitat.

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