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by on Sep.06, 2019, under China Manufacturing Blog

Some videos of EL (Electroluminescent) and eInk (also known as ePaper)

Visually, they are very similar. Both are dynamic moving displays, with almost video-like qualities on a thin flexible, durable film laminate.

They can be mounted on shelf displays, integrated into Bottle Glorifiers and other signs, wrapped around curved surfaces, even built as outdoor signs, or illuminated floor signs!

The main difference between eInk and EL is:

  • EL is an active light source, which can illuminate a dark environment, so needs a power source
  •  eInk or ePaper contrasts and reflects ambient / background light, so can run on a small coin battery for months


Click on images below to view video


Electroluminescent Displays

Electroluminescent | QPILtd | www.QPIltd.com

Contact QPILtd for dynamic and vibrant Electroluminescent Displays such as this one of beer pouring into a glass (see video for full Electroluminescent effect)


Electroluminescent | QPI | www.QPILtd.com

Electroluminescent displays create an eye catching and often mesmerizing effect of changes of light, colour and appearance of movement. See video for full effect and contact QPILtd for your Electroluminescent and eInk / ePaper displays.     

eInk – ePaper displays

Технологии eInk, Технологии ePaper, eInk, ePaper, QPI, QPILtd

eInk / ePaper shelf display for a Russian dairy brand


eInk, ePaper, retail shelf display, Goldmine beer, QPI, QPIltd

eInk / ePaper retail shelf display of Goldmine beer.

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QPILtd – Production Alert for “Golden Week” and Chinese National Day over Sep – Oct 2019

by on Jun.21, 2019, under China Manufacturing Blog

If you have any time sensitive production planned in China for September – October, you may want to consider moving the schedule forwards slightly.
There will be some disruptions to work relating to the China National Day – Golden Week, holidays.
These will effect the whole of China and production disruptions will be more pronounced in the Northern and North Eastern Part of China.
…..if in doubt, check with us at QPILtd or your suppliers well ahead of time.
Chinese National Day
Chinese National Day is celebrated 1st of October, however it is typically part of a week long holiday called Golden Week.
Golden Week
The holiday associated with the Chinese National Day, is typically referred to as Golden Week.
Some weekend days off are often forfeited from before and after the Chinese National Day, to make a week long holiday.
It is the longest official holiday in China after CNY.
Impact on Production
Obviously a week long national holiday will impact production and shipping schedules.
Moreover, the center piece of the Chinese National Day celebrations includes a major parade and Military Review in the center of Beijing.
The autumn weather lends its self to clear skies, and the central government is determined to minimize pollution ahead of the parade.
That will often mean certain production activities are restricted late September in the lead up to the holiday, especially in areas several hundred kilometers from
Often factories in southern parts of China may be effected, depending on their “up stream” supply chain.
If in any doubt, check with us at QPILtd or your supplier.
For information about the effect of other Chinese holidays on production, please visit these links:
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Food Grade “Whisky Stones” from QPILtd

by on Jan.14, 2019, under General News

Whiskey, Whisky or other drinks…..some people do not want it with water, even or perhaps especially if it comes from “ice melt”.

That gives you a great branding opportunity, right under the drinkers nose.


QPI – BevSell’s range of Whisky Stones or Re-Usable Ice Cubes keep drinks cool with no ice melt and your brand right under the customers nose.

 Available in Stainless Steel, Gold Plate, various BPA free plastics and stones (granite, soap stone, ceramic, marble, basalt)

 Accessories with branding options include fabric carry bag, durable PP carry box, and stainless steel tongs.

 Existing tooling for dozens of shapes and sizes, including, Cube, Ball, Heart, Bullet, Apple, Four Leaf Clover, Diamond, Dollar / Pound / Yen / Bitcoin Coin, Skull, Bone,  Halloween Pumpkin, Tear Drop, and others



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CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030

by on Dec.07, 2018, under China Manufacturing Blog

Chinese New Year Eve Dates, Day and Zodiac Symbol 2018 – 2030

When it comes to production in China in the early part of any year, it really is worth planning ahead.

Early each year China celebrates Chinese New Year (CNY) with production grinding to a halt, typically about a week before Chinese New Year Eve.

As it follows the Luna Calendar, the CNY date changes each year, so QPILtd has prepared a list to assist in forward planning.

If you think of the what it would be like for USA to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years eve as one holiday, it would still understate the “disruption” to business in China, each and every year for CNY.

Chinese New Year is very much a family focused holiday. As many Chinese migrate to other parts of China for work, it instigates the world’s largest annual human migration.

Please scroll down, to see links to other QPILtd posts about the effect both before and after CNY for production and shipping as well as some of the human and cultural aspects of the holiday.


To assist in your forward planning, here is a list of CNY dates through to 2030.


Year                    CNY                             Day                      Chinese Zodiac

2018                   February 16                     Friday                  Dog

2019                   February 5                       Tuesday              Pig

2020                   January 25                      Saturday             Rat

2021                   February 12                     Friday                  Ox

2022                   February 1                       Tuesday              Tiger

2023                   January 22                      Sunday                Rabbit

2024                   February 10                    Saturday             Dragon

2025                   January 29                      Wednesday        Snake

2026                   February 17                     Tuesday              Horse

2027                   February 6                       Saturday             Goat

2028                   January 26                      Wednesday        Monkey

2029                   February 13                     Tuesday              Rooster

2030                   February 3                       Sunday                Dog


QC & Production Related

CNY Alert!

Is your Asian supply chain CNY ready? Not sure? Ask QPI Ltd.

China almost back to normal after CNY ~ will your production be OK?


General Interest around CNY

CNY “Truck Jam”

Chinese New Year in China. More than just Fireworks!


Past Posts

China Opens for Business in Year of the Monkey after CNY break

QPI wishes you the best for the year of the rabbit

Asian Factory Order books closing for 2016

CNY 2011 Holiday Dates Info from QPI

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QPILtd Acrylic Displays

by on Jan.27, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

QPILtd Acrylic Displays are ideal for showcasing your product.

QPI displays can incorporate, illumination, and motors to add light and movement, as well as EL or eInk / ePaper technology to make your display especially eye catching.

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QPILtd Illuminated Displays

by on Jan.27, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

QPILtd Illuminated Displays wide variety of formats to highlight your branding and message, including EL and LED.

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Asian Factory Order books closing for 2016

by on Nov.28, 2016, under Asia Business

QPILtd has already been notified by many factories that they are closing their order books for the year.

The order books for many factories in Asia, and especially across China are closing for 2016 and the Asian Horoscope year of the Monkey as they prepare complete orders before the CNY holiday in January 2017.

Key dates include:

Chinese New Years Eve is Saturday 28th of January.

Official CNY public holiday is from Friday 27th January till Thursday 2nd February.

In practical terms, the holiday period is from about 15 days before CNY, for about 40 days.

Many factories will be closed about Friday 13th January 2017 till about Wednesday 22nd February 2017.


For more information about the affect of CNY, please see other QPILtd blogs:


For future Chinese New Year Dates, please see QPILtd blog:

Chinese New Year Dates 2011 – 2020


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China Opens for Business in Year of the Monkey after CNY break

by on Feb.14, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

China is officially open for business again.

Today is the first official work day for the 2016 Year of the Monkey.

That said, travel statistics indicate that the tide has not yet fully turned on the worlds largest human migration, which occurs each year as Chinese people typically return to their home town to celebrate the Lunar Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

The bulk of people traveling are Chinese factory workers. Most come from farm areas and rural towns, traveling to manufacturing areas. While working in the factories they live in onsite dormitory accommodation.

The start of mass production in China after CNY break, should always be considered with some caution! Extra planning, vigilance and QC – Quality Control should be considered, especially extra DUPRO.

On one hand many factory workers are in no rush to go back to factory dorms and work, so factories will often be under staffed in the initial weeks and months. Also, many factory workers will aim to “move up” to  a better position so will often go to a different factory, often in completely different industry.

For additional information about CNY and how it may impact your Chinese production, please see other QPI Ltd articles:

CNY alert

Post CNY Production Caution

CNY dates 2011 – 2019

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QPI Ltd promotional products brochure.

by on Feb.11, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

Please click the link below to see a 4 page PDF brochure featuring some of the promotional products, clothing, and equipment produced by QPI Ltd for value added fund raising, awareness campaigns, and to support staff and volunteers.

QPI Ltd has many “direct clients” and given our competitive pricing we often sells to Promotional Companies, Ad Agents and other 3rd party companies who on sell end users.

Some of the organizations we have worked directly and indirectly for include Cancer Council, Heart Foundation, Heineken, Coors, WWF, Mercedes Benz, Disney, Emergency Services and other organizations around the globe.

Click to Download – QPI Promo product Feb 2016

QPILtd 4 page Promotional Products PDF

QPILtd 4 page Promotional Products PDF

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Major retailers including Target, Myer and Just Jeans in a massive product recall

by on May.09, 2014, under China QC Inspection Blog

Over 120,000 items have been recalled by a number of major Australian Retailers.

Excerpt of ACCC article:

Textiles recalled after ACCC tests reveal high levels of hazardous azo dyes

Azo dyes are a large class of very effective synthetic dyes used for colouring a variety of consumer goods such as foods, cosmetics, carpets, clothes, leather and textiles.

A small proportion of azo dyes can contain, or can break down to form, a class of chemical substances referred to as ‘aromatic amines’.

Aromatic amines can migrate from clothing and leather articles dyed with azo dyes.  The amount released can increase with body heat, sweat or saliva.  Benzidine and other aromatic amines may be absorbed through the skin from dyed clothing and articles where there is direct and prolonged contact with the skin.  Articles not in both direct and prolonged contact with the skin do not expose consumers to the hazard.

Certain aromatic amines such as benzidine are hazardous to human health.  Expert authorities such as the World Health Organisation International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have classified some of these aromatic amines as known, or suspected human carcinogens. Exposure to a carcinogen does not mean cancer will result.

While consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes is likely to be very low, the associated cancer risks give cause for concern. As a result, exposure to certain azo dyes, including benzidine-based dyes, should be minimised or eliminated.

There are no specific regulatory limits on these dyes in Australia. The ACCC has made recommendations to Government and on 24 April 2014 the Minister – The Hon Bruce Billson, activated a process to assess whether further regulation is required. This process will involve broad stakeholder consultation and include the development of a Regulation Impact Statement.

See full Recall List and Article at Product Safety Recalls Australia

Excerpt of ABC article.

Jean dye cancer risk prompts recall of more than 121,000 items of clothing

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a warning about a dangerous dye found in jeans on sale in Australian stores.

The ACCC says it tested a number of clothing items for dangerous azo dyes after being tipped off by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.

The tests uncovered clothes with high concentrations of the dyes, sparking recalls of more than 121,000 items from retailers including Myer, Target, Rivers, Trade Secret and Just Jeans.

A number of children’s clothes, including jeans from Myer, Just Jeans and Target, were included in the recall.

The dyes have also been found in bed sheets and pillowcases sold through Pillow Talk.

See full Article at ABC News Australia

A product recall is every buyer and brand managers worst nightmare.

The best place to start in preventing recalls is in the product specification, which should be at the foundation of every good QA / QC program.

Most factories can work with their suppliers in providing detailed lists of raw materials. Most will have pre existing lab tests, with the levels of hazardous substances which would typically cause concerns.

The next major step is to test “YOUR PRODUCT” in a lab. The pre existing lab tests, will give you some comfort that the parties in the supply chain are capable of producing compliant raw materials. None the less they will be from earlier batches and should not be relied upon, in their own right.

You can certainly ask the factory to do the testing.

QPILtd recommends that you test the raw materials on arrival at the factory. We can send an inspector to check that the sample/s selected is representative of the batch as a whole. This is normally done as a single man day visit.

The inspector then sends your raw material samples directly to a pre agreed lab.

If there are any problems or concerns with product, you will have the lab test early in the production cycle, so have a better opportunity to address any issues.

Similarly, once production is under way, QPILtd suggests a DUPRO visit, to report on the finished product.

Samples can be collected, which again are typical of the quality in bulk production, rather than one the production manager has “specially selected” for approval.

Samples can be sent to the client. That will often prompt additional points being added to the PSI Check list for specific features to be checked.

Samples can also be sent by the inspector directly to a pre agreed lab for final testing and any additional certification, etc.

Contact QPILtd to discuss how we can assist you in avoiding such nightmares.

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