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Linked In is now available in Chinese Language

by on Feb.25, 2014, under Asia Business

Many popular western networking sites are blocked in China and as a result the endemic Chinese versions of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have close to a billion followers, with hundreds of millions normally online at any one time.

You can read more about all of that in my article Are you being seen in China? on CSIC.

One cool aspect of Linked In, is accessibility in China. Most Chinese users that I have spoken to have not had an issue with it being English only, largely as it is business focused and most Chinese doing business with the west have a very good grasp of English, especially written English.

None the less, I am sure that many Chinese will welcome the move, that Linked In now has a Chinese version.

Something that will certainly capitalise on the swaths of Chinese Netizens already active in the Chinese on line world is the functionality of allowing to add connections directly from other social network accounts like Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

At QPI Ltd we certainly welcome the move. Apart from the obvious telephone and face to face meetings, we speak to most of our Factory and Quality Control contacts via some of the local Chinese networks including Weibo and QQ.

Having a Chinese version of Linked In will certainly make it easier for many Chinese to connect and Network on a more business focused platform.

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QPI & other CNY closing January / February 2012

by on Jan.12, 2012, under Asia Business

In China, many factory and office workers have already started leaving for their CNY holiday.

Most remaining factories will close down around the weekend of Friday 13th January, and the remaining ones closing sometime during the following week.

Some offices will re-open late January, though you should not expect factories to be operating “normally” until well into February.


QPI will be continuing to operate through Chinese New Year.

Though Chinese operations will be offline Thursday 19th January – Saturday 28th January.

For urgent enquiries please email qpig@qpiltd.com as it will fwd to the UK staff as well.

QPI Ltd Shenzhen office in Guo Mao will be closed Thursday 19th January – Thursday 2nd February.

Helmut will be working remotely, though will be online less frequently than normal, and should contacted by phone / SMS for anything urgent.

For additional information about CNY and how it may impact you, please see:

CNY alert

Post CNY Production Caution

CNY dates 2011 – 2019

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Chinese New Year Dates 2011 – 2020

by on Dec.10, 2011, under Asia Business

Chinese New Year (CNY) is the major holiday in Asia which especially effects production in China.

Many factories will close some days or even a week before the CNY date listed below.  They would not normally return to full production for several weeks or up to a month after the CNY date.

Year       Date                      Symbol

2011        February 3           Rabbit

2012       January 23           Dragon

2013       February 10        Snake

2014       January 31           Horse

2015       February 19        Sheep

2016       February 8          Monkey

2017       January 28        Rooster

2018       February 16        Dog

2019       February 5          Pig

2020       January 25          Rat


For links to other QPI Ltd posts about Chinese New Year, including its affect on factory production and quality issues in China, please see:


CNY Alert!

Chinese New Year in China. More than just Fireworks!

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5 Million T-shirts?

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Asia Business

Quality Products International Limited is working for a client looking to order 5 Million plain white T-shirts, with a follow on order of a further 6 Million pieces.

Any interested parties should contact QPI Ltd directly for further details.


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China Trade Fairs – making the most of your trip

by on Oct.07, 2011, under Asia Business

The Canton Fair and others are approaching in late October – November.

If the prospect of Chinese Trade Fairs is a little daunting, or especially if you want ensure that you gain the maximum value out of the time and expense of the trade fair, it is worth considering engaging a local guide.

The main focus of QPI Ltd is on Quality Control and Product Development, however we are always happy to assist our clients.

Having been based in China for many years, QPI has local Chinese staff on hand who are fluent in spoken English, understand trade and are familiar with the trade fair environment.

If you are planning to travel to the Canton Fair and want to ensure you make the most of  it, please contact us in advance so that we can assist.

Either by arraigning some staff to assist you at the trade fair. We can also offer some tips, advise or direct assistance with visa invitation letters, hotels, trains and other local ground transport.

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Holiday Alert – Tomb Sweeping Holiday or Qing Ming Festival

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Asia Business

Please note the “Tomb Sweeping Festival” is approaching in early April.
Mainland China will observe the holiday Sunday 3rd April – Tuesday 5th April, with most offices open for business the preceding Saturday 2nd April.
Hong Kong will observe the holiday on Tuesday 5th April.
I often hear clients say “yet another holiday in China?” when told about Tomb Sweeping holiday. For westerners the long line of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….the 1st of January version, is followed by the “quiet time” at the start of January.
Just when getting back into full stride for the working year, westerners “discover” the extended CNY Holiday, oblivious to the fact that most Chinese worked straight through the November – January holidays.
So what is it all about?
The date, is 104th day after the winter solstice or 15th day of the spring equinox.
Originally Qing Ming Festival (Ching Ming in Hong Kong) translates to “pure brightness” and denotes the time for people to go outside and walk on the fresh grass and enjoy the spring time.
It is also a time that people gather with their families and visit the Tombs of their ancestors.
The burial grounds in China and Hong Kong are mostly terraced hillsides with small walls, with ashes entombed in the wall or placed in urns.
The families pay their respects to their ancestors and typically leave flowers, and tidy up a little …..IE> sweep the area around the tomb, thus Tomb Sweeping Holiday.
For a married couple there is the challenge of juggling which set of relatives (and ancestors) to visit where, when how as with Christmas in the west.
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Tips for business travel ~ staying connected

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Asia Business

There was a recent article in the NY Times about staying connected cheaply while travelling.

An excerpt:

I’ve put a lot of effort into figuring out tricks for being reachable by phone and e-mail without spending a fortune. Trust me, it’s easy to run up a thousand-dollar bill on your cellphone in a single trip if you don’t know the ins and outs. And not being in touch at all can be even more costly.

He also invites readers to comment.

Some of my own comments were:

Quality Products International Limited (QPI Ltd) has offices in a number of countries, and I spend a lot of time in China & other parts of Asia.
Worth noting in some countries, particularly those that have “information controls” SMS messages may take a few hours, or even up to a day to get through…and is typically worse from foreign to local mobiles.
Consider sending second message if you do not get a prompt reply, sometimes they will get the 2nd message before the 1st!
…on a similar vein, many websites, including / especially Facebook, will NOT open.
There are some good VPN options, the free ones work sporadically, the paid ones are more stable / consistent. They are also very useful for secure sites, such a some banks that identify your IP address as being a perceived threat and limit your entry or full use.
I have permanent mobile numbers for all the countries I work and travel in a lot, none the less, I use skype as much as possible, both for VOIP, Skype Out and SMS.
While the Skype SMS works well in many countries, and recipients can reply to the pre-registered mobile, users should note that will NOT work in China as another random trunking number is used, so replies will go astray.
Skype out & / or multi party VOIP can often be improved significantly simply by closing ALL tabs / screens in ALL web browsers.
Needless to say, one alternative to travelling here in Asia and China, yourself, is to engage professional sourcing companies such as QPI Ltd. We have local and expat staff here on the ground, who know the ropes.
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Peanut Joint Venture between FuXin Jia Xin He Peanuts with China Prosper International Ltd & Quality Products International Ltd

by on Jan.10, 2011, under Asia Business

China Prosper International and Quality Products International Ltd will be responsible for the Export Market.
The nuts are grown in LiaoNing with FuXin Jia Xin He managing processing in their own facility as well the QingDao processing center.
QPI Ltd will also be providing input on compliance and quality issues as well as third party sampling supervision for clients.
Our 65,000 sq meter facility is strategically located in the center of the main production farm land and has 38,000 sq meter of  enclosed processing and storage areas.
We are currently ISO9002 certified together with HACCP and BRC. In addition we are also  HAAL and OU(KOSHER) qualified to cater to our Jewish & Muslim clients. With an in-house laboratory we are equipped with HPLC & VICAM and various other essential facilities for quality assurance.
With over 37 square kilometers of groundnut producing land we have a capacity of over 200,000 metric tons per annum as seen here in the backdrop and with the supporting groundnut producing provinces we should be able to secure 500,000 tons per annum.
After the peanuts are harvested (major harvesting month October), the peanuts are:
1) Shelled (The shredded shells can be used for animal feed as well as a fuel/heating additive and also in some cases fertilizer applications)
2) Packed in 50 kg bags to be transported to the processing plant where these are than unloaded in steel bins, filtered and sorted systematically as shown here above.
Note: We have a wide range of sorter mesh / screens to filter according to the size required.
3) They can then be shipped directly to clients, as raw kernels in woven PP, or vacuum sealed bags, or processed further.
The raw kernels are further sorted manually and go through various levels of sorting as required such as Blanching, Roasting and
Seasoning where required.
We are able to supply peanuts as kernels or in shell, either raw or processed.
Roasted Peanut Kernels, Blanched Peanut Kernels, Fried Peanut Kernels, Coated (Salted, Sugar etc.)
Garlic, Milk and Nanru flavored peanuts are also available as whole or split kernels.
Our facilities are accredited and licensed to export to EU, Japan, Australia, Canada, Middle East, Korea and South East Asia.
The processed material will then be packed according to client preference. We have the various forms of packing including
Vacuum Packed, Large Bulk Bags and Bags packed in Cartons. Product can be palletized or hand loaded into shipping
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CNY Alert!

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Asia Business, China Manufacturing Blog

文章简体中文 – 文章繁體中文

See also: CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030 CNY Village life Post CNY Production Caution

With the new years eve behind us, and business in the west is ramping up for the year.  Here is a friendly reminder from QPILtd that CNY is fast approaching!

Chinese New Year celebrates the New Year according to the Lunar calender, and as such varies from year to year.

See CNY dates 2011 – 2019 & CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030 for this year, coming, and recent years for easy reference.

It is also seen as the advent of Spring, even though much of country will be under a thick cover of snow, CNY is also often referred to as the “Spring Festival”

Most factories will be rushing to get production out before the holidays, and clients should expect freight prices to increase significantly in the second half of January.

Almost all business and particularly factories in Mainland China will be closed for about week or more in early February, with some closing from Friday 28th January to Monday 7th February.

Many business in Hong Kong and across South East Asia will be closed for a few days around 2nd and 3rd of February.

It is worth noting that within China Mainland, CNY is the major family holiday. As such it represent the largest annual human migration on the planet,  with approximately 200Million people returning to their home towns to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Travel within China will be crowded and expensive. As an example many train travelers will only be able to get a “standing ticket” for journeys that may be 20 – 30 hours long.

Clients should also bear in mind that many factories have a slow start after CNY.

Often workers will stay on at home for an extended holiday, or choose the new year to look for different work.

From a quality perspective, that can often mean that the factory who was reliably shipping product last year, may have new middle management, supervisors and production staff. That can often lead to Quality Control issues!

QPI Ltd remains ready to assist with DUPRO (during production), PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) and other QC matters.

Most of our QC team will be off work for the first week in February, however we will have a limited office staff operating right through CNY.

We recommend using our   qpig (at) qpiltd (dot) com  email during CNY as it is also directed to our colleagues in the UK office.

All the best from the entire QPILtd team for 2011 and the coming year of the Rabbit.

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LiaoNing Peanut – QPI at Source…

by on Dec.03, 2010, under Asia Business

Статья на русском языке – 文章简体中文 – 文章繁體中文

During the last weekend in November 2010, some of our staff visited the FuXin area, in Liaoning Province, located in North-East China. This area is rich in history, notably once a part of old “Manchuria”, and in more recent times resident to a large Mongolian population.

Farmer's stock peanuts, with foreign material

One of our joint venture partners has a proprietary interest in the local peanut farming co-operatives and in conjunction with the local governing committee, is developing better facilities for the local producers. Quality Products International Limited (QPI Ltd) has three roles in the co-operative:

A. ensuring that current facilities remain compliant and accredited to internationally recognized standards

B. guiding them on the development of additional new processing and packing facilities, to be built right in the farming community

C. marketing the local produce to a wider market place and penetrating new markets

Outside the grading and storage facility

QPI Ltd will have an ongoing presence with village leaders, local co-operatives and city committee members.

The local farming community understands the importance of progression and are open to improving their processing facilities. While the facilities that we toured were in excellent condition, clean and operating efficiently, there are some limitations in the extent of additional processing.

The co-operative currently outsource more complex processing and packing to contractors in neighboring regions. It is still far more competitive than processing in many other countries, however they recognize the value of bringing more processing in house for easier direct quality control, and to offer a more complete and more competitive service.

Bulk storage

We are confident that with some minor mentoring, and with our own QC staff working along with the local farmers, we are in a unique position both in terms of price offering, and being direct at the source ourselves. We look forward to widening our co-operation with the good farmers of Liaoning to access raw and processed peanuts, peanut oil, as well as all the peanut by-products.

Peanut size grading

On a side note, the hospitality and warmth of the Liaoning people was very warming, considering that the evening temperatures were down to -15 degrees!

We look forward to our clients visiting the facilities and enjoying the famous “Dong Bei” (North Eastern) hospitality.

See update on QPI Ltd – CPI – FuXin Jia Xin He JV

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