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China almost back to normal after CNY ~ will your production be OK?

by on Mar.04, 2011, under China QC Inspection Blog

The official end to CNY is the Lantern Festival.

So that means all is back to normal right? Well maybe maybe not. As we detail below QPI Ltd is recommending additional vigilance, by way of Dupro as well as PSI to ensure you protect the investment of your production / shipment, now more than any other time in the year!

Of note, the Spring Lantern Festival in China should not be confused with the Mid Autumn festival, also referred to as a “lantern festival”, and especially popular in Singapore and other parts of South East Asia.

The Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the lunar year, is the last “official” family celebration, and is typically market with a meal including Yan Xiao, or Glutinous Rice normally wrapped in bamboo or leaves.

There are many different beliefs and traditions, including the notion of having bright lanterns out to welcome the full moon, lighting the way for people out enjoying the advent of spring, and fostering relationships between families.

It was also traditional to chaperon young people with bright lanterns symbolic of good luck and prospective matchmaking.

In terms of business, it meant that the family obligation for CNY was officially over. While many people would have returned to work sooner many would not.

It was interesting to witness many of the small stores and street stalls did not reopen until a few days after the lantern festival.

You may have found factories have been returning emails since a few days after the week of “official CNY holiday”,  however in many cases delays in information will be due to the fact that key personnel are still a away.

We have had some suppliers who were waiting for middle managers to return to work to quote on new products.

Even now, well into March business ranging from major factories to small cafes are still working hard to attract the staff they need to function properly.

Finally now we are finding China is gradually coming back to normal business after their major holiday.

As we warned, in our QPI Ltd CNY Alert Blog, buyers should exercise extra caution.

QPI Ltd particularly recommend additional Dupro (During Production) Inspections.

A high majority of the workers on the factory floor / production line, will be new the factory, the industry of indeed the concept of factory / production!

Many middle managers and QC managers may also be new to the factory and your product.

It could in effect mean that the factory that was producing your product so reliably last year, is now effectively (from a work force & QC perspective) producing it for the first time!

QPI Ltd, is happy to help by providing, Dupro and FRI / PSI (Final Random Inspection / Pre Shipment Inspection) at a competitive rate.


Plan ahead for future CNY holidays, with a list of Chinese New Year Dates from QPILtd up until 2030.

CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030

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