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To meet competitive market demands more buyers are sourcing a greater variety of product from Asia.

China, Taiwan and Malaysia remain the traditional centers with Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia emerging as the “cheaper” alternatives and providing some good options.

The internet age has made finding products online easier. Many BTB sourcing portals have robust feedback mechanisms for suppliers. It can be of some comfort to see positive endorsements, however online profiling can certainly be flawed and should only carry notional weight. It is not a replacement for more rigorous assessments! A QPI supply audit will give the real information you need to make a reliable decision.

How can you be sure your supplier is environmentally and socially responsible?How can you be sure your supplier is environmentally and socially ethical?

The lure of purchasing cheap product, without proper vetting and representation on the ground can prove disastrous. The risks of losing deposits, receiving faulty, non-functional, non-complaint, late shipments, or simply NO goods shipped, are all real. Also you may find your IP evaporating as copies are generated more quickly than your own product and of course there is risk to you and your customers of product returns and product liability!

Legal recourse into some of these jurisdictions can be difficult at best, and when dealing with unscrupulous suppliers, there is really no chance of satisfaction as they will have taken steps in advance to avoid prosecution.

None the less, Asia is also full of reliable honest suppliers willing to provide good product at competitive prices with on time shipping. QPI has a wide network of qualified suppliers, with a tangible track-record of quality delivery. On time and on budget.

More importantly we can quickly find and qualify new suppliers, or if you have an existing supplier that has potential but lacks some key skills, hindering supply to your requirements, we can often assist in nurturing them to the point where they will meet your needs. QPI can then follow up to provide ongoing monitoring and support as required.

In identifying a suitable, qualified supplier, QPI offers the following essential China and Asian business services:

  • Supplier pre-screening.
  • ISO factory audits.
  • SA8000 social audits and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) audits.
  • Trade show tours & supplier meetings / negotiations.
  • Onsite and virtual factory tours.
  • Product development and sampling.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Quality control inspections.
  • Shipping & logistics.

Speak to us regarding your sourcing requirements within China and Asia.

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