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Inspection Checklists – tells inspector what the client expects

by on Sep.26, 2011, under China QC Inspection Blog

Some clients ask if a check list is necessary and sometimes ask QPI Ltd to complete the check list for them.

The simple answer is that they are vital!

Yes QPI can certainly assist in preparing an inspection check list and in fact our supervisor staff and inspectors work on this together prior to all QC inspections.

The checklist is the key to successful “inspection mission”.

Just reiterating on this point.

The check list is like a map for us and our inspectors.

…without we are “flying blind”.

While it is fair to say “The more detail the better”, however the client need not be intimidated by the formal term.

At very least, a list of what is important to them. It should normally evolve out of the clients specifications to factory.

It is very difficult to know what was requested, and what is important to the client without some guidance from them.

In the garment trade, products such as denim pants are a good example of some extremes.

Think of an order for Jeans, without an indication if they are normal Jeans compared to “acid wash” jeans.

Some years ago, once jeans got some holes or rips in them, they would be discarded.

Now acid wash / stone wash etc, jeans are sold new, with holes and tears.

…while it is an extreme example, without a check list or guidance from the client, the inspector would have NO clue about which to reject or pass.

QPI inspectors obviously have an eye for detail and always wish to ensure that the client is getting the quality they expect, a checklist, is basically just a way for the inspector to know what the client expects and what is important to them!

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