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QPI announces 4G Android mobile phone by end of 2010

by on Sep.29, 2010, under China Manufacturing Blog

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Quality Products International Ltd, in conjunction with one of its key mobile technology partners has development work underway for a 4G Android handset.

What is 4G?

The key differentiation of true 4G over 3G is “Super Wi-Fi” (Wi-Max – LTE) compatibility. Some people have been marketing various 3G extensions as 4G, one example is 3.9G. 3.9G is an interesting “stepping stone” product. It is compatible with 4G rather than 3G, however it does not meet the IMT Advance 4G requirements and falls short of what true 4G has to offer! The new 4G network infrastructure, offers data speed that is about 10 times faster than 3G. A nominal rate of 100Mbits while client is moving at high speeds up to 1Gbits while client is stationary. It will in fact be faster than many fixed connections. It has a promise of much wider range, with fewer dead spots, and better possibilities of extending into less populated areas.

2G & 3G Compatibility

True 3G and 4G are not cross compatible. As the 4G roll out will be massive undertaking for network providers, it may be some time before 4G has coverage in all areas or all countries current covered by 3G. As such QPI will launch a dual 3G – 4G phone. Users can take advantage of 4G where available and still utilize the standard GSM network just like and 2G & / or WiFi hotspots as with 3G devices

Quad Band

For maximum versatility we will offer Quad band, which allows full global roaming, in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, India and Australia.

What features would you like!?

The development phase is the best time to incorporate new ideas. QPI is in the process of patenting some new and completely unique ideas that will show up in our 4G Android.

That said we would love to hear from users about what they want! If there are features that you love in your current phone and would miss if you transitioned, please tell us about them! If there is a feature that you wish for but have not found, please share it with us, if we can build it into this new product we shall do so.

See update. Announcement expected after CNY

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