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QPI Ltd is using Jumblo as an alternate VOIP

by on May.15, 2011, under General News

QPI Ltd has an operational base in China, and talks frequently to branch offices, clients and suppliers in varous countries around the world. Often we use Skype and other computer based systems when they work and landlines and mobiles as an alternative.

Interestingly, some companies like to use full price land lines to demonstrate they are legitimate and have funds to pay for calls, as is especially the case in the scam rife gold trade in West Africa.

At QPI Ltd we typically feel it makes sense to all keep costs down where practical.

Skype has been a good option for many years, and the paid version “skype out” for calls to phones. As many users know when it works it is fantastic value for money however it can often be temperamental, especially if band width is low.

Skype can sometimes be improved by closing some or preferably all browser screens, however it is often not worth the risk for an important call.

Unfortunately we find even full price mobile or land line calls can sometimes be marginal or patchy especially between China and either West Africa or some parts of India, possibly as more of the carriers are routing through some sort of VOIP to keep their own costs down.

Some of our staff have recently started using Jumblo VOIP service. It mainly focuses on call services from your mobile or land line to another mobile or land line. It has both paid and free call options depending on the locations and unlike Skype it has both web based and download options, so very useful when traveling!

The site is a little “clunky” and we certainly hope they improve by building more options into the settings etc.

None the less, so far we have been very impressed with it, so we are happy to recommend the service hoping that it is helpful to you in your business!

If you have found a better options please contact QPI Ltd and tell us about them!

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