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Sample Collection Services ~ get a true representation of the batch

by on Nov.16, 2011, under China QC Inspection Blog

Samples are often required from factories and suppliers.

It may be to approve shipment, present to end user / clients, or for lab testing.

The big question, is the validity of the test sample, and is it a true representation of the batch as a whole.

Having a QPI Ltd inspector visit the factory or supplier, select a representative sample and ship directly to you or your lab can minimize the risk dramatically.

Lab Testing

A lab report supporting compliance can sometimes be mandatory for particular products being imported into certain markets.

In many cases China customs may reject export of the shipment if an appropriate pass report is not included in paperwork.

Of course same may happen on arrival at the destination port, however there is real pressure on the factory to ensure that a pass report is produced to get payment, and ship the product out of the factory and out of the country!

…and the temptation to sneak samples in that are more likely to pass compared to the rest of the consignment is very real!

Most clients will take the management of the testing away from the factory and either assign a 3rd party QC company such as QPI Ltd to manage the testing, or deal directly with the lab themselves.

IQC Raw Material Samples

In some cases it is most practical to test the individual raw material, and can best be done as an “Inward Quality Control”. That avoids the raw material contaminating & / or accumulating costs in product that will ultimately be rejected.

It also allows for timely re-order of the raw material.

Product Samples

These can be collected in a late stage of production, typically before final packing. Again an independent inspector can ensure it is both random and representative of the other product.

Post Consumer Testing

Products will often be tested after shipment and sale, which is entirely out of the client / manufacturers control.

It may be tested by competitors or consumer groups.

Sometimes by authorities, especially if there is consumer related safety incident or accident involving the product.

Even some very large players such as Apple, Disney and McDonalds have been caught out!

Contact QPI Ltd to find out more about one of our inspectors visiting the factory to ensure the sample is legitimately drawn from the batch of raw material or mass production, rather than a “specially prepared sample”.

We can also assist in lab testing through one of our partner labs in China, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

See related articles about McDonalds, Disney and Apple.

Also Physical lab testing, and Chemical lab testing by some of QPI Ltd’s lab partners

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