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CNY “Truck Jam”

by on Jan.12, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

It is hard to explain CNY to people unfamiliar with China, and I have done so in some blogs.

Below are a few links, and if you would like to read more you can search “CNY” in the search panel below.

Still 2 weeks out from the year of the Monkey rolling into the year of the Rooster, and well a picture says a thousand words….


Truck Jam at most China ports is very common in the lead up to CNY


Locals near most shipping ports will be cursing as anything more than a push bike or “bus 11” as the people in Hong Kong refer to walking, will be a nightmare.

The local police will make an effort to keep at least one traffic lane open in most directions, however as you can see it will be a challenge.

As for the truck drivers, it is not uncommon for them to (not park, but…) queue for more than 3 days.


Plan ahead for future CNY holidays to get your product shipped before the long queue, with a list of Chinese New Year Dates from QPILtd up until 2030.

CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030


Other blogs about planning for CNY and especially factoring in “post CNY” production issues








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QPI Seeking Independent B2B Sales Professionals

by on Dec.15, 2016, under General News

Quality Products International Limited – (QPILtd – QPI) is expanding and we are looking for Professional B2B Agents comfortable working with Medium to Large Enterprises and leading brands.

Bilingual / Multilingual agents needed for:

Russia – CIS

Germany & Austria


Baltic & Nordic Countries


Spain, Portugal & Latin America

Agents also needed for UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Verticals include:

Alcohol (Beer, Cider and Spirits) sector – Point of Sale and other promotional material.

Charity & Awareness – promotional products for value added fund raising, uniforms, counter top and street sales / collection equipment

Emergency Services – uniforms and equipment

Events Companies – banners, barriers, pop up tents, lanyards, name tags, caps, drink bottles, etc

SME Manufacturers – industrial products, components, promotional material

Pharmaceutical – Point of Sale and Displays

Cosmetics – Point of Sale and Displays


It is a great opportunity for anyone with good phone manner, self direction and experience in B2B sales / phone / email / social media canvassing to business prospects.

It is a remote work, part-time / freelance role, with access to our CRM database, and other business support and ideally suits an established, experienced independent sales agent looking to expand their portfolio.

Quality Products International Limited values the excellent relationship that we enjoy with our clients so shuns a “Hard sell” approach. Professionals able to engage business decision makers to build a long term relationship will flourish, with an ongoing commission structure.

Prospects can be from our database available for several markets and sectors, or contacting your own established network.

The focus is on establishing & / or nurturing the contact relationship to raise awareness of how QPI can assist them in their business and seek a quote request, or an ideal time for follow up.

We offer a small retainer, plus commission which is be paid on initial business generated as well as ongoing orders.

Most of our clients are longer term (5 years plus) with consistent repeat business.

Where the client / prospect has adequate English skills, only a small amount of follow up work would normally be required on the part of the agent after initial quote requests have come through from the client.

All detailed technical correspondence with regards to quote and production specification are handled by our English fluent executive team in China, with the agent copied in on any projects resulting from their efforts.

Where the client / prospect has no English skills, additional language support will be needed on the part of the agent.

Support material can be made available in the appropriate language.

Contact us via qpi at qpiltd dot com or the contact form on our QPILtd website for more information.

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Electroluminescent display of a glass filling

by on Dec.13, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

Contact QPILtd for Electroluminescent Displays like this glass filling

Electroluminescent | QPILtd | www.QPIltd.com

Contact QPILtd for dynamic and vibrant Electroluminescent Displays such as this one of beer pouring into a glass (see video for full Electroluminescent effect)

Click to download video:


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DUPRO vs PSI & buying without a seatbelt

by on Nov.29, 2016, under China QC Inspection Blog

Given a choice, would you opt for, advanced driver training, insurance, seat belt, none or all?

Some people go for neither on the basis that they are a good safe driver.

So, let’s say you going to be driving in an environment where there is a high risk of accidents AND some of the other drivers will be planning to cause accidents.

Here is perspective on Procurement and Quality Control (QC) using driving as a metaphor from Quality Products International (QPILtd – QPI)

Leaving aside nuances such the distinction between quality assurance, and quality control, etc, there are many components in a good procurement and QC process, and some key ones are Good Specification, DUPRO, PSI.

Good Specification & Follow up

From a driving perspective, this is an experienced driver, in a well maintained car, will have the best chance of a safe trip on most road and weather conditions.

They have planned their route or know clearly where they going, and leave early enough to get there on time without rushing.

They are vigilant about conditions and other traffic and able to adjust accordingly.

The correct product specification agreed with the factory, ideally during quote stage, and certainly in place at or before the PO, will be key to any chance of product arriving as planned.


This is your safety system, such as ABS, Seat Belts, Airbag, etc.

No matter how vigilant you are, how much you anticipate, there is a chance of an incident or accident.

…perhaps you are in among many cars at a red light, someone three cars back does not stop, and you get “concertinaed”. The best and worst drivers in the world will suffer more or less the same damage.

There can be a lot of force involved in that type of accident and many will surprised how much damage and injury is possible.

The safety systems will help keep you safer than would otherwise be the case, and insurance will hopefully help you clean up the mess.

Remember the quality you desire or expect is not always going to be as important to the factory managers, or production staff.

They may be like a careless driver, or planning to intentionally doing something that will cause and accident!

Just as a careless driver, they may think their idea of quality is good enough for you.

They may be planning to cut corners a little to save costs.

DUPRO is your safety system in production, similar to driver alerts, stability control and ABS.

ABS breaking, it will help you stop short of an obstacle and greater ability to steer around it if necessary.

Just as ABS helps avoid the collision, DUPRO‘s minimize delays and compromised quality issues that arise of re-work at the end of production.

DUPRO’s give QC teams and buyers a chance to see issues as they are arising and the factory an opportunity to adjust, modify, re-work etc before it is too late.


Well over 95% of QC inspections are a one man day PSI / FRI.

A Pre Shipment Inspection, typically as a Final Random Inspection is typically completed when 100% of the product is complete and 80% is packed.

There is some scope for minor rework, cleaning, tidy up packaging, etc, however if it uncovers more than very minor problems, there will almost certainly be a major compromise on either product quality of shipment date.

So a PSI / FRI from QPI or any other 3rd party QC company is like a form of insurance.

It protects buyers from paying the full balance of the order and shipping completely faulty product, a problem very hard to address once the shipment arrives and is checked. …..or worse, if not checked, the issue is uncovered after distribution .

When the buyer is holding the balance of the payment they have some leverage, but not massive amounts! The factory has invested in raw material, labor, and possibly opportunity cost on some other production. The stock is occupying valuable and often very limited room in the warehouse, so they are keen to get it out and get money in.

In some cases the factory owner will sooner sell the product (often with the buyers logo & trade market) on alternate markets rather than try to adhere to an onerous re-work regime.

So just as insurance, may help clean up the mess, neither insurance or PSI prevent the accident or product defect!

Also like a traffic accident, the insurance may be able repair or replace a broken car, however there will at least be major disruption, and quite possibly serious injuries which do not heal simply or easily, even with money for doctors and therapists.

QPILtd recommends a Good Combination

Just as the key to safe driving is through training, detailed planning, comprehensive maintenance, excellent safety features and insurance, very similar strategy is recommended for procurement.

Thoroughly checking the factory beforehand, detailed specification through quote and PO stages, DUPRO, and PSI.

The other advantage with DUPRO, is it sends a clear message to the factory that there will be QC. They know it is going to be easier to take some extra care to get it right the first time, rather than have to rework after a PSI.

QC & Procurement

QPI can provide all these and other key QC elements as standalone services for QC clients who have an existing direct relationship with factories.

The QC services are also something we do as part of our standard service for procurement clients.

For peace of mind procurement, all is needed is a quote request.

QPI provides a firm detailed quote including price and lead time, and if the client proceeds, QPI follows up closely on all details with the factory, including QPI inspectors conducting DUPRO and PSI at no additional charge to the client.

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Asian Factory Order books closing for 2016

by on Nov.28, 2016, under Asia Business

QPILtd has already been notified by many factories that they are closing their order books for the year.

The order books for many factories in Asia, and especially across China are closing for 2016 and the Asian Horoscope year of the Monkey as they prepare complete orders before the CNY holiday in January 2017.

Key dates include:

Chinese New Years Eve is Saturday 28th of January.

Official CNY public holiday is from Friday 27th January till Thursday 2nd February.

In practical terms, the holiday period is from about 15 days before CNY, for about 40 days.

Many factories will be closed about Friday 13th January 2017 till about Wednesday 22nd February 2017.


For more information about the affect of CNY, please see other QPILtd blogs:


For future Chinese New Year Dates, please see QPILtd blog:

Chinese New Year Dates 2011 – 2020


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