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China Northern Province Factory & Business Shutdowns August and September 2016

by on Jul.09, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

Hundreds of factories and other businesses will need to shutdown in and around Shanghai for several weeks leading up to and during the G20 summit.

It will affect businesses in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Jiangsu from Wednesday August 24th thru Tuesday September 6th

If you are ordering anything from any part of China, and it is time sensitive and production or shipping may be overlapping Early August – Mid September we strongly suggest you work closely with QPI Ltd or your other people on the ground in China to ensure you will not be affected.

These shutdowns are (almost) common, and are typically aimed at reducing pollution around major events and forums such as this G20, World Fair, or most famously the Olympics.

Note, while your supplier may not be in that region, it is possible that they buy raw materials from, or subcontract services to someone in the region.

Even if the supplier is not affected, there may be transport delays, backlogs and other knock on effects.

Again, if your shipment is time sensitive now is the best time to start working with your local Chinese partner/s to make a close assessment of how it may be affected.

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Alla ricerca di liberi professionisti B2B Vendita Telefonica

by on Mar.06, 2016, under General News

Qualità Products International Limited (QPI – Quality Products International Limited) è in espansione e siamo alla ricerca di agenti Televendite professionali per nutrire la nostra lista di potenziali clienti.

Bilingue parlanti italiano / inglese sono i benvenuti per le vendite in Italia.

Una grande opportunità per tutti coloro che con una buona maniera di telefono, la direzione di sé ed esperienza nella vendita B2B telefono / telefono porta a porta a prospettive di business.

Si tratta di un / ruolo di freelance lavoro a distanza, a tempo parziale, con accesso al nostro database CRM, e altro supporto di business.

QPI valorizza l’ottimo rapporto che abbiamo con i nostri clienti hanno fatto in modo rifugge un approccio di “vendita dura”. Professionisti in grado di coinvolgere i responsabili delle decisioni di business per costruire una relazione a lungo termine fioriranno, con al struttura della Commissione in corso.

L’obiettivo è quello di coltivare una vasta banca dati prospettiva, ad aumentare la consapevolezza di come QPI li può aiutare nel loro business e cercare una richiesta di preventivo, o al momento ideale per il seguito / follow up.

Commissione sarebbe stato pagato per affari iniziale generato così come gli ordini in corso.

Il materiale di supporto può essere reso disponibile in lingua italiana.

Leggi le informazioni più dettagliate su questo ruolo di vendita B2B in inglese http://www.qpiltd.com/qpi-seeks-professional-telephone-sales-agents

Per saperne di più dettagliate sui nostri prodotti chiave e servizi in lingua inglese http://www.qpiltd.com/qpi-ltd-procurement-and-quality-control

Si prega di contattarmi direttamente, o tramite la pagina dei contatti sul nostro sito http://www.qpiltd.com/contact-qpi

Seeking Freelance B2B Telephone Sales Professionals

Quality Products International Limited (QPI) is expanding and we are looking for Professional Tele Sales Agents to nurture our prospect list.

Bilingual Italian / English speakers are welcome for sales in Italy.

A great opportunity for anyone with good phone manner, self direction and experience in B2B phone sales / phone canvassing to business prospects.

It is a remote work, part-time / freelance role, with access to our CRM database, and other business support.

QPI values the excellent relationship that we enjoy with our clients so shuns a “Hard sell” approach. Professionals able to engage business decision makers to build a long term relationship will flourish, with an ongoing commission structure.

The focus is on nurturing our extensive prospect database, raise awareness of how QPI can assist them in their business and seek a quote request, or an ideal time for follow up.

Commission would be paid on initial business generated as well as ongoing orders.

Support material can be made available in Italian.

Read more detailed information about this B2B sales role in English http://www.qpiltd.com/qpi-seeks-professional-telephone-sales-agents

Read more detailed about our key products and services in English http://www.qpiltd.com/qpi-ltd-procurement-and-quality-control

Please contact me directly, or via the contact page on our website http://www.qpiltd.com/contact-qpi

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QPI Ltd is seeking professional freelance B2B telephone sales agents

by on Mar.04, 2016, under General News

A great opportunity for anyone with good phone manner, self direction and experience in B2B phone sales and phone canvassing to business prospects.

It is a remote work, part-time / freelance role, with access to our CRM database, and other business support.

QPI Ltd values the excellent relationship that we enjoy with our clients so shun a “Hard sell” approach. Professionals able to engage business decision makers to build a long term relationship will flourish.

The focus is on nurturing our extensive prospect database, raise awareness of how QPI can assist them in their business and seek a quote request, or an ideal time for follow up.

Commission is paid on initial as well as ongoing business. Only a small amount of follow up work would normally be required on the part of the agent after initial quote requests have come through from the client.

All detailed technical correspondence with regards to quote and production specification are handled by our English fluent executive team in China, with the agent copied in on any projects resulting from their efforts.

We manufacture a wide range of product, from industrial related items through to promotional product and other material for major clients around the world including Heineken, Mercedes Benz, Disney, and many Heart Foundations, Cancer Councils, WWF and other charity / awareness, emergency response, manufacturing organizations, etc.

Much of our work goes through 3rd parties such as Promotional Companies so we know that we are competitive. Most of our clients have been with us for nearly a decade, so we feel confident about our service. Our conversion rate from quote request to purchase order is typically very high, so your time would spent productively.

All work is customized to the clients specific needs and shipped from the factory direct to their warehouse, so the opportunities of what can we produce is extensive as is our portfolio of partner factories.

Our own independent inspection team is involved in vetting any new factories and following orders through production stages.

You are welcome to read a little more about our key services here http://www.qpiltd.com/qpi-ltd-procurement-and-quality-control

QPI has thousands of solid business prospects across five broad sectors, in UK, USA, Canadad, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and we are open to working with agents in other territories as well.

Please contact us via http://www.qpiltd.com/contact-qpi to see if the details of this opportunity will suit you.

See also:

Deutsch sprechend B2B Telefon Verkaufsagenten wollten – German speaking B2B phone sales agents needed

Parlando B2B agenti di vendita di telefonia Italiani volevano – Italian speaking B2B phone sales agents needed
QPI seeks Russian – English B2B sales agent
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China has highest number of patent applications for fourth year in a row

by on May.21, 2015, under China Manufacturing Blog

QPI Ltd has been in the thick of Chinese manufacturing for several decades. Before that, the management was hands on in Taiwan.

While quality is still only achieved through constant vigilance, it has been interesting to see how the manufacturing has developed.

Innovation has always been at the core of any manufacturing process. It is inherently a problem solving process. How to manufacture something. How to resolve issues that arise in the manufacturing process.

It is natural progression that innovation will first have to be applied in more immediate issues of production and with simpler problems, then later can be applied to more complex design issues.

While many have admonished that quality and innovation could never be a feature of  manufacturing in China, I have long believed it would be inevitable. Just as Japan and Korea transitioned from lower quality to high quality highly innovative manufacturing similar is occurring in China.

There is still a long way to go before quality is common place, however this article demonstrates how innovation is certainly gaining and maintaining momentum.

Patent applications lead the world

China recorded 928,000 invention patent applications in 2014, more than that of any other country, for the fourth consecutive year, according to data released by the State Intellectual Property Office on Monday.

The office found that about 663,000 inventions had high quality and market value. About 4.9 patents per 10,000 population were filed, according to the data.

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QPILtd 3rd party QC Inspections when buying through trading companies

by on Apr.30, 2014, under China QC Inspection Blog

Many trading companies will NOT allow buyers to visit, or inspect goods when they have contacted out to 3rd party factories.

They will come up with a whole variety of reasons why inspection is not needed, or may not be feasible on that particular shipment.

The weaker their relationship with that particular factory, or in some cases the more competitive that particular factory, normally the more the resistance on the part of the trading company to allow the buyer to visit.

In many cases, we have seen them go to some length to “shield” their supply chain. When pressed for a PSI from a buyer, they will sometimes move the goods, from the factory to a warehouse or another factory.

As a 3rd party QC provider, QPILtd can often help.

QPI Ltd has a team of inspectors across China, who are normally native to each area, speak the regional dialect and are typically more trusted by the local trading company.

We can give the trading company some comfort that we will recognize the trading company as the “manufacturer” in the QC report and put their contact details on the report, which protects the IP of their supply chain.

It is especially relevant in DUPRO inspections as it allows the inspector to see the goods during an earlier stage of production, giving the buyer a chance to address many potential problems before they lead to shipping delays and or costly re-work.

It is also highly relevant, where a factory has outsourced some elements of a project, such as packaging.

Again, by having QPI Ltd visit and inspect as 3rd party inspector, problems can be address before the goods leave that factory, without letting the sensitive issues of a client visit cloud or dilute the QC standards of the project.

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DUPRO – one more reason – it tells the factory you are serious about quality

by on Apr.19, 2014, under China QC Inspection Blog

There is an expression that “the standard you walk past, is the standard you set”.

That is to say, that if you see something but do nothing about it, you are “lowering the bar” to that level in terms of what you and those around you really expect as an acceptable standard.

A DUPRO (DUring PROduction Inspection) demonstrates to the factory that on THIS order what you expect the quality to be. It also provides an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings that may exist about quality. Finally is the only way in most cases to provide the opportunity to have the time to take any corrective action without delaying the shipment or blowing out costs.

Some people naively think that the discussion in the factory showroom, or trade fair, about quality expectations has some or any influence.

The reality is that those initial discussions have NO INFLUENCE over and provide NO INFORMATION about the real quality expectations that you can have for your order.

Anyone who has done more than one deal in Asia can rattle off any number of phrases and expressions they have heard to “downplay” the severity of quality problems some time AFTER the order is placed and deposit is paid.

Typically they will come up at a DUPRO, a Final Inspection / Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)….or if you have not done any QC, sometime after your client has rejected the product!

They normally sound something like….

– Frankly speaking we have not had other clients complain about this

– This is the latest fashion

– This is what the best clients are demanding nowdays

– We think this looks better

– We know you clients will like it this way

– We ship to some very fussy clients in Europe (…or USA, or Australia, or…wherever) that are happy with this standard

The first thing you can do to set you on the path to a good quality outcome is to have a tight product specification. Most factories will welcome it, and the smarter factories will expect that a rigorous specification would follow up with stringent quality control.

The other “best thing” that any purchaser should do is book at least one, preferably two DUPROs as well as a PSI. The number of inspections will obviously be a factor of how well you know the factory and how much your shipment is worth….or more importantly, what will the cost be to your business if it goes wrong!

There is so much that can be said about why DUPRO’s are so valuable here are just a few points.

Key Point DUPRO

A Key Point DUPRO is one where a key point in the production cycle is identified and targeted for an inspection.

Typically it should be late enough in the cycle that the quality trajectory can be established, but not so late that corrective action can be difficult.

A great example is in inflatable goods. Generally the raw material is cut and printed before welding.

The ideal key point in production for a DUPRO is the first day of printing. The quality of the raw material can be checked as well as the detail and quality of the printing.

If there is an error in the printing or raw material, it is too late to rectify once welding has commenced. Also the cost and lead time in procuring new raw material will blow out the time and expense on the order.

In many cases, particularly on larger orders, if there is a problem with the raw material much of it can be redirected to other orders or returned to the supplier with minimal cost. In some cases, there may be enough time to organize a new batch of raw material without effecting the final ship date too much.

DUPRO & partial IQC (Inward Quality Control)

All good factories would have a robust IQC system. For more complex electronic or mechanical products it can sometimes be hard to effectively QC internal components that are “locked away inside”, such as a special “chip”, crankshaft, or any other key component.

A well timed DUPRO inspection can QC some key components before assembly as well as report on progress and quality of production underway.

DUPRO vs. Visit

Having a buyer visiting the factory in person during production is fantastic, though very expensive and time consuming. In many cases buyers cover a whole range of products and cannot visit all, or have a level of expertise in all products. While most certainly have an excellent grasp of what is ok and what is not, often inspectors who have a level of expertise and experience in a specific product area can find faults and defects that may not be readily apparent.

It is also often easier to negotiate a way forward with a factory, when a 3rd party inspector has pointed out the problems as it adds a level of objectivity.

DUPRO & Sample Collection vs. Sample Sent

Almost all discussions about problems with QC will start along the lines of “this does not look as good as the sample we approved”.

Some factories will send deficient samples, some will pick out the product much better than the typical standard in a batch. Neither are good outcomes, with consistently high levels of quality is what is typically expected.

Firstly it should be stressed that a Key Point DUPRO will typically be much earlier in the production cycle than a final production sample.

The PSI is typically very late in the cycle. The standard timing for PSI is 100% of the goods complete and 80% packed. Often the collection of the goods from factory and shipping has all been scheduled, and the PSI will normally be a day or so before goods leave the factory.

A DUPRO and Sample Collection should be as soon as the first goods are finished, normally some time well before the PSI.

The QPILtd inspector can report on the overall quality and collect a sample that is a typical representation of the batch.

There will often be enough time for the client to receive the sample by air courier and have on hand before the PSI is conducted.

That can often afford a valuable opportunity to instruct some late rework, include a particular check in the PSI, etc, etc

If lab testing is required, QPILtd strongly recommends the sample/s to be tested are collected by an inspector to ensure the sample is true and fair representation of the batch.

DUPRO vs. FRI / PSI (Final Random Inspection/Pre Shipment Inspection)

A PSI is a check of last resort and more akin to insurance than prevention.

In its essence, it is designed to protect the buyer from sending the final payment on goods that are inferior.

It is like insurance and does very little by way of preventing defects, UNLESS the factory knows that they buyer is serious before hand.

There is often limited time and practical scope to rework from a poor PSI result, so then the buyer is faced with the unpleasant choice of cancelling the order, and typically loosing their deposit as well as sales opportunity, or shipping compromised goods. Possible with an adhesive label over a printing error or similar.

DUPRO says you are serious in time to make a difference

Again, ALL and ANY talk during initial meetings, trade fairs, etc is of NO VALUE at all in the scheme of things as far as quality of goods shipped.

There are countless jokes about how divergent “talk on a first date” is from the reality of life, and I would suggest that is the best analogy.

While the client often laments how the goods produced vary from the sample, the factories are always lamenting about how quality expectations of the client were higher than expected.

The detailed product specification is a great first step however at least one, or preferably two or more DUPROs is essential follow through, if the quality of goods shipped in the order is of value to you.

It send a clear message to the factory that you are serious about he quality, in time for them to do something about it.

It may well lead to more negotiation on price or shipping dates, but at least you know early enough to get a chance to mitigate some of the damage if any.

It sometimes leads to a situation where the factory and buyer agree to proceed with this shipment at the requisite quality and then either renegotiate or part company.

There may be many outcomes that are all less than ideal, however all are better than a poor outcome at PSI stage, and certainly better than having a client reject a shipment!

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QPI & other CNY closing January / February 2012

by on Jan.12, 2012, under Asia Business

In China, many factory and office workers have already started leaving for their CNY holiday.

Most remaining factories will close down around the weekend of Friday 13th January, and the remaining ones closing sometime during the following week.

Some offices will re-open late January, though you should not expect factories to be operating “normally” until well into February.


QPI will be continuing to operate through Chinese New Year.

Though Chinese operations will be offline Thursday 19th January – Saturday 28th January.

For urgent enquiries please email qpig@qpiltd.com as it will fwd to the UK staff as well.

QPI Ltd Shenzhen office in Guo Mao will be closed Thursday 19th January – Thursday 2nd February.

Helmut will be working remotely, though will be online less frequently than normal, and should contacted by phone / SMS for anything urgent.

For additional information about CNY and how it may impact you, please see:

CNY alert

Post CNY Production Caution

CNY dates 2011 – 2019

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Chinese New Year Dates 2011 – 2020

by on Dec.10, 2011, under Asia Business

Chinese New Year (CNY) is the major holiday in Asia which especially effects production in China.

Many factories will close some days or even a week before the CNY date listed below.  They would not normally return to full production for several weeks or up to a month after the CNY date.

Year       Date                      Symbol

2011        February 3           Rabbit

2012       January 23           Dragon

2013       February 10        Snake

2014       January 31           Horse

2015       February 19        Sheep

2016       February 8          Monkey

2017       January 28        Rooster

2018       February 16        Dog

2019       February 5          Pig

2020       January 25          Rat


For links to other QPI Ltd posts about Chinese New Year, including its affect on factory production and quality issues in China, please see:


CNY Alert!

Chinese New Year in China. More than just Fireworks!

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