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QPILtd – Production Alert for “Golden Week” and Chinese National Day over Sep – Oct 2019

by on Jun.21, 2019, under China Manufacturing Blog

If you have any time sensitive production planned in China for September – October, you may want to consider moving the schedule forwards slightly.
There will be some disruptions to work relating to the China National Day – Golden Week, holidays.
These will effect the whole of China and production disruptions will be more pronounced in the Northern and North Eastern Part of China.
…..if in doubt, check with us at QPILtd or your suppliers well ahead of time.
Chinese National Day
Chinese National Day is celebrated 1st of October, however it is typically part of a week long holiday called Golden Week.
Golden Week
The holiday associated with the Chinese National Day, is typically referred to as Golden Week.
Some weekend days off are often forfeited from before and after the Chinese National Day, to make a week long holiday.
It is the longest official holiday in China after CNY.
Impact on Production
Obviously a week long national holiday will impact production and shipping schedules.
Moreover, the center piece of the Chinese National Day celebrations includes a major parade and Military Review in the center of Beijing.
The autumn weather lends its self to clear skies, and the central government is determined to minimize pollution ahead of the parade.
That will often mean certain production activities are restricted late September in the lead up to the holiday, especially in areas several hundred kilometers from
Often factories in southern parts of China may be effected, depending on their “up stream” supply chain.
If in any doubt, check with us at QPILtd or your supplier.
For information about the effect of other Chinese holidays on production, please visit these links:
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Calibrated EN13138 Test Manikins

by on Dec.22, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

Calibrated EN13138 Test Manikins

QPILtd is now producing 3rd generation test manikins for the latest release of EN13138, the European Standard covering Buoyant Aids for Swimming Instruction.

The QPILtd manikins are used by Test Labs conducting performance testing of the Swim Seats, including the critical in water stability testing.

If a calibration certificate is required they can be calibrated a specialist test equipment laboratory prior to shipment.

Many factories are recognizing that it is worth having manikins for in house product development and quality control. That will become more relevant one EN13138-4 is released and manikins are also used to test other Learn to Swim devices covered in EN13138-1 (Part 1 devices to be worn, such as a Armbands, Vests, etc).


QPILtd Heritage in Learn to Swim Products and Testing

This project is very near to our heart.

Klaus Maertin (inventor of Floaties Learn to Swim Products) developed the first baby swim seats in the 1980’s as part of the Floaties Range, of Learn to Swim Products. Along with Helmut Maertin, Klaus came up with ways of testing the stability by making “top heavy” devices to sit in the seat, mimicking a young child trying to lean in the seat.

In the 1990’s a number of unfortunate incidents involving “copy products” lead to some fatal and near fatal accidents in Europe. Most of the incidents involved the products not being used in accordance with instructions, and some “copy products” did not have adequate instructions. All of which prompted a review of the standards pertaining to Learn to Swim Products for sale in Europe.

Other members of the Maertin family and QPILtd went on to help draft and update EN13138.


Swim Seat Manikins – Part 3

EN13138-3:2014 is the latest iteration covering Swim Seats to be Worn.

They specify 3 manikin sizes, to test the Swim Seats suitable for children up to 3 years old, or up to 18kg in weight.


Standing vs Seated Style Test Manikins

EN13138-3:2014 includes the traditional “standing style” manikin very similar to those in earlier releases of the standard.

It also includes a “seated variation” of the manikin. The seated version of the EN13138-3 Manikin also comes in 3 sizes.


Conical vs Straight / Round Arms

Part 3 specifies conical shaped or tapered arms for testing the Swim Seats.

Part 4 manikins will have round arms with straight sides.

The QPILtd EN13138 manikin, sizes I – III have interchangeable arms, so that they can be upgraded to comply with the yet to be release EN13138-4.


EN13138 Part 4 Manikins

Part 4 includes preliminary specifications for an additional 11 manikin sizes. (size IV – XIV).

They will be used to asses the other Swim Devices to be worn, which are covered in EN13138 Part 1.


3 Generations of Manikins

EN13138-3:2014 is the 3rd generation of the published European standard for Swim Seats.

All three versions of the EN13138 standard have included test manikins, and QPI has produced manikins for all three generations.

The overall size and weight of the manikins have remained the same, which leads many to ask what the differences are.

They are subtle but significant.

Certainly for a test lab an outdated manikin would not pass the periodical 3rd party calibration which is required periodically.

For factories, it is certainly worth upgrading from the 2003, or 2007 version to the 2014, as there are significant differences in performance, so it worth having a manikin which will perform in the same manner as the test lab certifying the Swim Product.

Obviously the earlier 2003 & 2007 manikins will not be compliant to En13138-4, used to asses EN13138-1:2014 compliant products.

Only the 3rd generation EN13138-3:2014 manikins (with arms exchanged) will be able to asses EN13138-1 products designed for children up to 3 years old, or up to 18kg in weight.

Below are some key differences between the 3 generations of manikins, featured in EN13138-3:2003, EN13138-3:2007 and EN13138-3:2014.


EN13138-3:2007 vs EN13138-3:2003

The main change from the original 2003 version to 2007 were buoyancy in the chest area, and a clearly defined airway.

The buoyancy in the chest area is designed to replicate the residual lung volume (RLV), which provides some buoyancy in humans.

The RLV buoyancy in 2007 it was 4, 6 & 8 Newton’s respectively, which makes that area considerably more buoyant than the 2003 versions.

The face has a marked triangular section that clearly delineates the nose and mouth area.


EN13138-3:2014 vs EN13138-3:2007

There are about half a dozen minor changes to the manikin, including how the balance point is measure and calibrated.

Additionally there is an additional 2  – 4 Newton’s of residual lung volume buoyancy.

For 2014, it is now 6, 8 & 12 Newton’s for each of the 3 sizes.

The face area still has a clearly delineated “airway zone”.


EN13138-3:2014 vs EN13138-4 (Part 3 vs Part 4)

As mentioned above, the shape of the arms is the only difference for sizes I to III.

It is mainly to facilitate testing armbands as they would not stay on the conical shaped arms of the Swim Seat Manikins.

Sizes IV – XIV of course get larger and heavier.

Size IV jumps up to 30kg, with a RLV buoyancy of 13 newton’s, with size XIV getting up to a RLV 33 newton’s.



Test labs are required to periodically have all of their test equipment calibrated.

QPILtd has access to the same calibration laboratory used by test labs, and can provide a calibration certificate if required.


Flight Case

The manikins are shipped in sturdy “flight cases” which are idea for safe storage between use. They are also of course ideal for labs who have to ship them out for calibration periodically.

QPILtd EN13138 Test Manikins size I, II & III

EN13138-3 Swim Seat Testing Manikins size I, II & III. Part 4 manikins also available in sizes IV to XIV

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QPILtd requirement for SMM etc

by on Mar.29, 2017, under General News

QPILtd is actively seeking high quality:

  • B2B Social Media Marketing Services (including B2B PPC / CPC / CPM )
  • B2B Email Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Related services

Partner vendors can be Freelance or Company, however please read the below and downloadable information carefully, and reply concisely addressing the points raised.

We will go through a short selection process, and allocate small tasks to potential vendors with a view to rolling out more extensive tasks into a long term partnership.

Key for any prospective vendor are requisite skills INCLUDING being able to self manage the details of relevant project from an initial brief. Vendors who clearly disregard or are unable to follow simple instructions / requests will not be engaged.


QPI offers our clients outstanding service at competitive rates.

Much of that is built on extensive expertise in our areas of Procurement and Quality Control in China and across Asia.

Also on low overheads, partnering with outstanding vendors who can also supply excellent value for money, with high quality product at competitive rates.

We have been fortunate to be able to rely on a sound customer base for many years and are currently expanding.


B2B SMM / EM Campaign & Web Development

QPI is currently looking for outstanding SMM – IT and related vendors for immediate paid trial and imminent commencement on an initial B2B campaign, with scope for ongoing work over the coming years.


B2B Targeting SME -> Major Corporations

QPI already supplies a number of major multinational corporations, and that will be the focus of this campaign.

We do have some smaller prospects and many SME prospects, however the campaign all B2B and mainly aimed at large corporate prospects.


QPILtd has an ongoing need for:

Web Development

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Email Marketing

B2B PPC / CPC / CPM and other paid marketing

Copy Writing


If you are an IT / SMM / Web developer or related vendor and would like to work with QPI, either as a freelancer, or offering the services of your company, please refer to these documents.


Prospective vendors should have a good level of professional / business English and demonstrate the ability to read briefs / instructions / correspondence, ask relevant / topical questions or make relevant / topical suggestions and then follow through with precise action / task execution.


Note to prospective IT / Web Development / SMM  & related vendors:

We are really keen to partner with some outstanding vendors and would love to hear from you.

HOWEVER we are getting inundated with offers from vendors and we are especially finding that many vendors are simply focusing on their “best guess” and offering us proposals that completely disregarding our needs – planning and requested information.

OBVIOUSLY we are not going invest much time in trying to “re-train” vendors to respect our requests and concisely address specific questions asked, etc.

Similarly we are unlikely to partner with vendors who cannot follow very simple instructions and request, during a selection phase. The risk of them ignoring instructions and specification later is too great.

Please click to download the documents review / complete and return with any comments.

If you have specific questions that directly relate to material in these documents, pls email us.

If you would like copy of the outline / summary and status of our current 2017 marketing plan, pls email us with a request for the latest update of the QPILtd Marketing Plan – 2017.

QPI, QPILtd, Quality Products International

Keep any replies, brief / conscious, focused / relevant and to the point


QPI, QPILtd, Quality Products International Limited, Quality Products International

B2B Web Dev, SMM etc for QPI Excel Template – complete skill set

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QPILtd Beverage Industry POS

by on Mar.22, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

Easier access to a wide variety of POS and Promotional Material from QPILtd Beverage Industry POS

QPILtd provides a wide range of quality assured products at competitive factory direct pricing.

Simply emailing a quote request to QPILtd will bring decades of experience in China based production to bear on your project.

We will provide a firm detailed quote including specification, price and lead time.

QPILtd has experience producing many and varied products from Floaties Swim Products for children through to industrial test equipment.

QPI Beverage Industry POS, is a division of QPILtd focused solely on producing a wide range of excellent Point of Sale, Promotional, Product Support, Sales Support and Serving Products specifically for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

Our aim is to make your product look fantastic at a competitive price.

Email QPI Beverage Industry POS for a quote request, via Contact QPI

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CNY “Truck Jam”

by on Jan.12, 2017, under China Manufacturing Blog

It is hard to explain CNY to people unfamiliar with China, and I have done so in some blogs.

Below are a few links, and if you would like to read more you can search “CNY” in the search panel below.

Still 2 weeks out from the year of the Monkey rolling into the year of the Rooster, and well a picture says a thousand words….


Truck Jam at most China ports is very common in the lead up to CNY


Locals near most shipping ports will be cursing as anything more than a push bike or “bus 11” as the people in Hong Kong refer to walking, will be a nightmare.

The local police will make an effort to keep at least one traffic lane open in most directions, however as you can see it will be a challenge.

As for the truck drivers, it is not uncommon for them to (not park, but…) queue for more than 3 days.


Plan ahead for future CNY holidays to get your product shipped before the long queue, with a list of Chinese New Year Dates from QPILtd up until 2030.

CNY Days and Dates 2018 – 2030


Other blogs about planning for CNY and especially factoring in “post CNY” production issues








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QPI Seeking Independent B2B Sales Professionals

by on Dec.15, 2016, under General News

Quality Products International Limited – (QPILtd – QPI) is expanding and we are looking for Professional B2B Agents comfortable working with Medium to Large Enterprises and leading brands.

Bilingual / Multilingual agents needed for:

Russia – CIS

Germany & Austria


Baltic & Nordic Countries


Spain, Portugal & Latin America

Agents also needed for UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Verticals include:

Alcohol (Beer, Cider and Spirits) sector – Point of Sale and other promotional material.

Charity & Awareness – promotional products for value added fund raising, uniforms, counter top and street sales / collection equipment

Emergency Services – uniforms and equipment

Events Companies – banners, barriers, pop up tents, lanyards, name tags, caps, drink bottles, etc

SME Manufacturers – industrial products, components, promotional material

Pharmaceutical – Point of Sale and Displays

Cosmetics – Point of Sale and Displays


It is a great opportunity for anyone with good phone manner, self direction and experience in B2B sales / phone / email / social media canvassing to business prospects.

It is a remote work, part-time / freelance role, with access to our CRM database, and other business support and ideally suits an established, experienced independent sales agent looking to expand their portfolio.

Quality Products International Limited values the excellent relationship that we enjoy with our clients so shuns a “Hard sell” approach. Professionals able to engage business decision makers to build a long term relationship will flourish, with an ongoing commission structure.

Prospects can be from our database available for several markets and sectors, or contacting your own established network.

The focus is on establishing & / or nurturing the contact relationship to raise awareness of how QPI can assist them in their business and seek a quote request, or an ideal time for follow up.

We offer a small retainer, plus commission which is be paid on initial business generated as well as ongoing orders.

Most of our clients are longer term (5 years plus) with consistent repeat business.

Where the client / prospect has adequate English skills, only a small amount of follow up work would normally be required on the part of the agent after initial quote requests have come through from the client.

All detailed technical correspondence with regards to quote and production specification are handled by our English fluent executive team in China, with the agent copied in on any projects resulting from their efforts.

Where the client / prospect has no English skills, additional language support will be needed on the part of the agent.

Support material can be made available in the appropriate language.

Contact us via qpi at qpiltd dot com or the contact form on our QPILtd website for more information.

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Electroluminescent display of a glass filling

by on Dec.13, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

Contact QPILtd for Electroluminescent Displays like this glass filling

Electroluminescent | QPILtd | www.QPIltd.com

Contact QPILtd for dynamic and vibrant Electroluminescent Displays such as this one of beer pouring into a glass (see video for full Electroluminescent effect)

Click to download video:


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Asian Factory Order books closing for 2016

by on Nov.28, 2016, under Asia Business

QPILtd has already been notified by many factories that they are closing their order books for the year.

The order books for many factories in Asia, and especially across China are closing for 2016 and the Asian Horoscope year of the Monkey as they prepare complete orders before the CNY holiday in January 2017.

Key dates include:

Chinese New Years Eve is Saturday 28th of January.

Official CNY public holiday is from Friday 27th January till Thursday 2nd February.

In practical terms, the holiday period is from about 15 days before CNY, for about 40 days.

Many factories will be closed about Friday 13th January 2017 till about Wednesday 22nd February 2017.


For more information about the affect of CNY, please see other QPILtd blogs:


For future Chinese New Year Dates, please see QPILtd blog:

Chinese New Year Dates 2011 – 2020


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Floaties Learn to Swim Products

by on Nov.26, 2016, under Asia Business

Floaties was established by the late Klaus Maertin.

The name quickly became a generic term for Armbands, worn by Children learning to swim.

While the brand started producing Arm Bands, it expand to include products such as Bubble (backpack) and Kickboard.

The initial production was in Sydney Australia, however soon moved to Taiwan, then also Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

The development and procurement of Floaties from Asia formed the genesis of QPILtd.





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QPI Facebook Page QPILtd – @QPILimited

by on Oct.28, 2016, under China Manufacturing Blog

Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/QPILimited

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